WebistsPress Features

WebistsPress is WordPress on steroids!

WordPress is by a significant margin the most popular Web Content Management System available today. It’s thanks to this popularity that there are countless great third party add-ons (i.e plugins) available for WordPress. With our WebistsPress managed service we build on top of the solid foundation of WordPress; we implement selected plugins, make them work seamlessly together, add a bit of our own special sauce and create something that you would normally find only on high-end custom-built WordPress sites. And all of this at a low monthly price!

Get access to premium WordPress plugins and features

On WebistsPress we maintain a number of premium commercial WordPress plugins and themes with the appropriate paid licenses. This means that you can gain access to these plugins and themes as part of WebistsPress without having to incur the fees of licensing them individually at a much higher cost. We ensure that all the plugins work well together and also implement custom solutions to seamlessly integrate all their features into WebistsPress.

We take care of all the technical bits for you

WebistsPress wraps everything you need for your website into one neat package. We actively monitor, maintain and optimise our hosting servers. We manage a number of backup and redundancy options for our servers and your websites. We regularly update the WordPress core and all the plugins we use. We actively work on the security of all of our systems. And, we do all this independently and as transparently as possible so that you don’t have to worry about it.

‘Smart solutions’ make your projects more cost-effective

‘Smart solutions’ are something we talk a lot about here at The Webists, as they are a core part of our business philosophy. WebistsPress embodies this concept by being designed to reduce the cost and time required to deliver solutions to common requirements. We easily create beautiful website designs by starting them from special templates, we use various methods to minimise custom coding and we always create everything with reusability in mind. For typical requirements this delivers huge savings.

Open source development protects you from technology lock-in

All the customisations and enhancements we make to WordPress as part of the WebistsPress project are open source, giving you complete control of your website’s code and protecting your investment. We also work very hard to make sure that your WebistsPress website will always remain fully WordPress compatible. You can always take your WebistsPress site elsewhere… Our commitment is to making sure that you’ll never want to!

Fully featured websites managed at the cost of a shared solution

Traditionally, running multiple websites from one shared content management system is cost effective but it imposes a number of problematic limitations on your project. On the other hand, running your site independently requires dedicated maintenance and management, which is much more expensive. With WebistsPress we aim to bridge this gap by running all of our websites independently of each other on our servers, while employing various technical methods to centrally manage their code and configuration. This way WebistsPress imposes only minimal constraints on your project, while allowing us to still only charge you as much as for a ‘shared’ solution.

Fully flexible service and solutions

Even though here on our website we advertise several priced ‘packages’ for our solutions and services, we are ultimately a full service business and we can work with you to cater our services specifically to your requirements. WebistsPress is designed from the ground up with this in mind, so whether you need custom functionality on your website, have specialised needs for your hosting, or you need to integrate your project with an existing infrastructure, we can offer solutions to fit your needs.