Smart web solutions for small businesses

We craft fully-featured yet cost-effective websites on WebistsPress, our fully managed and enhanced version of WordPress. We back this up with our flexible and friendly full service support.

What We Do…

  • Helping your small business with your

    Internet Strategy

    We help you make the best of the Internet, even when working on a tight budget and with limited resources. We understand the unique needs of small businesses and we use smart solutions to deliver great results. Think big and start small.

  • Building smart WordPress sites on


    We build super-efficient sites for small businesses on WebistsPress, our own fully managed WordPress solution. We offer premium WordPress features, managed hosting and full technical management in a WordPress compatible package at a fraction of the typical cost.

  • We're there for you when you need

    Full Service Support

    We take care of all the technical responsibilities of keeping your site running smoothly. In addition, we can help you with any aspect of your website’s content admin including copywriting and graphic design, while also offering various training and support options.

Why Work with Us?

  • Smart Internet Strategies

    So much to do, so little time! Most small businesses can only afford to focus on the most efficient solutions to their problems and requirements. As part of our consulting and in our upcoming blog, we concentrate only on the smartest and most cost-effective ways for your business to use the Internet.

  • Smart Websites

    Don’t reinvent the wheel! Our WebistsPress solution comes pre-configured for use. Bundled with premium WordPress plugins and optimisations for cost-effective site creation and user-friendly administration, WebistsPress delivers professional WordPress websites without the hefty price tag!

  • Smart Managed Hosting

    WebistsPress also covers you for all aspects of your website’s hosting on our custom configured and optimised cloud servers. We actively update, monitor and maintain the security and performance of both the servers and WordPress so that you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Small Business Focus

    Being a small business ourselves, we are familiar with the unique set of challenges that other small businesses face with resourcing and budgeting. All of our products, services and solutions are geared towards efficiency, flexibility and simplicity to help you face these challenges.

  • Based in the EU

    After 20 years of living and working in Dubai, U.A.E., we have returned to Poland to setup The Webists, enabling us to combine our international experience and multi-cultural awareness with access to the competitively priced and yet highly educated and professional local talent.

  • A Human Business

    We believe that a successful and sustainable business is built on great relationships. To that end, we value honesty, transparency and respect over our bottom line. We look forward to working with businesses who think alike.

Who We Are

  • The Webists

    The Webists is a young startup focused on working with small businesses to create effective and efficient web solutions through technical innovation and smart practices. Run by husband and wife team Andy and Kate, The Webists collaborates with people and organisations from around the world to bring our vision to light.

  • Andy Brennenstuhl

    Entrepreneur, programmer, designer, photographer, traveler and all-round geek. In love with computers since 1985 and working professionally with the Internet since 1999 on projects large and small. Passionate about supporting small business and finding smarter and better ways to use the Internet.

  • Kate Brennenstuhl

    Artist at heart with a business degree and marketing background. When not working on creative, marketing, copywriting and our day-to-day admin at The Webists, she’s making and selling beautiful handmade jewellery at Artigiana Designs and learning to speak Thai.